Boost was created to provide sports and physically active opportunities to children who would otherwise have no options during the school holidays and afterschool. General living costs and unforeseen circumstances can put tremendous strain on family's finances, leaving many with no options for children to learn new skills and keep active, especially during the hot summer months.

Although academic learning is an essential ingredient to a better life and potential future opportunities, it is by no means the only factor.

Our goal is

  • To give children access to physical activity during the summer
  • To educate parents on the essential need for children to have daily activity which impacts their mental / physical health and overall wellbeing, which will all have an impact on the child's academic ability when returning to school.

Why is sport so important for my children?

  • Sport promotes life skills-based education
  • Sport improves physical and mental health
  • Sport offers opportunities for the development of peer leaders
  • Sport can teach young people how to solve conflict in a non aggressive manner
"There is evidence that sport and play enhance child development and learning and
encourage better academic performance" Unicef (2016)