What is Boost?

We are aware that many families have little options over the summer months and too often children are left to entertain themselves in their rooms for 1- 2 months, with no stimulation, peer engagement or physical activity.

Boost is a non-profit children's sports and activity initiative supported by the charity, Emirates Red Crescent Society and coordinated by a team of dedicated volunteers.

Our team of volunteers are committed to getting less privileged children active across our local communities by partnering with existing sports and recreational facilities during the holidays, enabling schools to make referrals on behalf of families who would otherwise have no opportunities.

Many low income families simply have no disposable income to invest in activities during the holidays or after school, resulting in many children staying indoors with no stimulation or options to socialize and have fun. Sadly during our summer school holidays, when it becomes too hot to use recreational parks, the situation increasingly gets worse for many children. This can result in increased tension and stress building up within the home, low self esteem, behavioural changes, weight gain and depression.

'It's simple, our aim is to get children active and educate parents on the importance of balancing study with play.'

With the support across our local communities, Boost can provide great relief to many children and families and demonstrate a significant impact.